• Polyfunctional building in Art Nouveau style is located directly in the center of Lučenec city • the properties with total surface area of 1 710 sqm, with built-up surface area of 797,1 sqm • unique architecture • national cultural landmark

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Location and description of the building

Polyfunctional building is located directly in the center of Lučenec city, in the in-line building-up area of shops and restaurants in the vicinity of public shopping center Reduta with direct access from Vajanského street. The creation of the access also from the back part of the building - for supplying by cars, is possible. Whole objectis connected to all utilities, natural gas distribution, the canalization is diverted to the public network and consequently into the sewage plant, it is equipped with lighting counductor, central heating distribution and hot service water with central source.. The property consists of separate polyfunctional object – the building in Art Nouveau style in the front and of warehouse objects in the back.

The cellar under the polyfunctional object is partly built. The polyfunctional object is a two-floor building with the possibility for parking utilization and is partly reconstructed and consists of:

a) basement with surface area of built-up area 129,8 sqm , which consists of cellar and stairway

b) ground floor with surface area of built-up area 500,02 sqm which consists of marketable areas with warehouses

c) floor with surface area of built-up area 455,02 sqm that consists of three flats:
• 4-room flat on the right side with the utility area of 151,43 sqm
• 3-room flat on the left side with the utility area of 122,29 sqm
• 2-room flat on the right side in the back part with the utility area of 57,33 sqm
• hall, stairway and terrace with a balcony with the utility area of 87,44 sqm

The back part of the objects in the yard area consists of:

a) three-storey object with a built-up area of one floor with the surface area of 125 sqm   - warehouses premises and workshops

b) one-storey object – workshop and warehouses with the built-up area of 172,08 sqm.

Why invest right here?
• historical building in Art Nouveau style with generous rooms, with unique architecture and atmosphere
• concerning the character of the property, it is possible to utilize the object as polyfunctional premises, shops, warehouses, luxury offices and housing directly in the city center
• international arterial road Bratislava – Košice


Lučenec lies in the center of Lučenec Hollow and it is easily accessible to all cities of South part of Central Slovakia. It is located on the crossing of the main roads between Bratislava and Košice, Budapest and Warsaw, on the South of the biggest administrative region – of Banská Bystrica, and it is also a border city with Hungary. Regarding the quality of natural environment it is one of the most significant regions of Slovak Republic. It is a region of the greatest number of protected areas – National Parks (Low Tatras, Great Fatra, Slovak Paradise and Muráň Plain), protected landscape areas (Poľana Mountain, Štiavnica Mountains, and region of Ponitrie).

Water reservoir Ľadovo, which is located in the vicinity, offers suitable conditions for fishermen. The city also offers the great variety of opportunities for active relaxation for sport fans. They can enjoy sport activities in sheltered ice hockey arena, public lido (swimming pool), football stadium, in sport hall of Výstavisko and tennis-courts of the city.


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Considering several constructional evaluations and the variety of the character of the subject premises, it is possible to use this object as polyfunctional premises, shops, warehouses, luxurious offices and housing in city center.


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